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Meet The Author

So, on July 28th at 10:30am, I will be at the East Hampton Public Library for a meet the author event. I'm scare and nervous and excited at the same time. I find that I really want to share how and where my ideas come to me. I want so much to inspire others to sit down and write out their own story, whatever it may be and wherever it may take them. In my soul I believe I have a teacher's heart, though I am much to introverted to teach others full time.

As a police officer, I am forced to put myself out there but that's never been my true nature. I would much rather hide away in a cabin somewhere on the side of a mountain banging away on a keyboard or strolling through the woods listening to God's creation all around me, but I guess that was never meant to be. I wonder if you dug down to the heart of it all you would find that most writers are very introverted. Maybe because this is our true nature, we write stories about life rather than living that life. In a book, I can be the hero or the villain, I can travel to the far reaches of space, or travel back in time and fix all the things I did wrong.

Someone asked me once if I was the hero in my story, and I told them no, I'm the villain. They were taken aback by that statement. I explained that a villain is only a villain because at a fork in the road, they turned left instead of right. Each and every one of us has that choice to make when the time comes. The only thing that makes me any different than the villain in my stories is so far, I've always turned right, but what if I didn't?

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