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Website of C.L. Thomas

Published Author

Welcome to the official website of C.L. Thomas. As an author, C.L Thomas' mission in life is to tell stories that entertain and thrill his readers.

Notebook and Pen


Storyteller at Heart

 From the earliest age, C.L. Thomas has been writing and telling stories. After thirty years as a police officer, he wants to provide entertainment and thrills for everyone willing to lose themselves in one of his stories.

As a police officer working the dirty streets of the third largest city in America, C.L. has seen the worst and the best of society and he brings those experiences to the pages of his stories. 


"Every story is an invitation to adventure."

C.L. Thomas


Now on Amazon, The Hollow by CL Thomas

Coming later this year, 2024, Killer Art and Missing by CL Thomas. These are books 2 and 3 in the exciting Bruce Westman Series.

C.L. Thomas is extremely proud and excited to share his novel, The Hollow, published by AM Ink Publishing.

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